01. Survey Report

Pricing Excellence Report and Outlook 2023

Copperberg has been surveying pricing leaders annually to understand their views toward pricing talent, pricing maturity, common challenges, pricing models, and more. As a result of continuously collecting data, this paper reflects on the pricing function and its role of importance in organizations that must adapt to market changes.

Our latest report provides an outlook for 2023 and reflects on trends based on analytics over the past 3 years, including valuable insights from our partner Vendavo.

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Results from our annual surveys yield both expected and unexpected trends.

The way organizations are approaching their pricing and selling initiatives is fundamentally shifting. Companies are pivoting through the volatile economic and internal organizational changes. Inflation, fears of recession, and abrupt starts and stops to supply chains are only some of the factors that are forcing pricing-related individuals and teams to pivot and foster agility. Through all of this, what does hold is that companies are working to improve their pricing agility, implement software solutions, and streamline collaboration year over year.


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Appointing a pricing specialist or team to own pricing while fostering cross-departmental collaboration will be key to success in 2023 and beyond.