01. Survey Report

Digital Transformation Within Aftermarket Services

In recent years, many organizations have embarked on digital transformation journeys to optimize their performance and cater to the evolving demands of their modern buyer. In 2020, businesses were forced to realize and appreciate the importance of digital maturity. The pandemic put a halt on business-as-usual, limiting in-person interactions and affecting daily operations and processes.

As such, many have expedited their digital transformation initiatives, fast-tracking their digital adoption and experiencing a shift in mindset. Now, companies look at their solutions with a fresh perspective, accepting that traditional business processes are unreliable and considering new, innovative ways such as the marketplace model to ensure business continuity—not only in times of crisis but also in the new, digitally-driven reality shaped by the pandemic.

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So, how will the aftermarket services industry evolve its digital strategy? What are the priorities, risks, and costs for digital growth within existing operations in the immediate and near future? 

We’ve surveyed over 100 Aftermarket Service Professionals to find the answers to these pressing questions. The insights we’ve gathered from our survey respondents for this report are highly valuable, pertaining to topics such as supply chain challenges, evolving customer expectations, and industry disruption—all of which we address in the chapters.


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The future looks more resilient than the past or the present in the face of unprecedented disruption.