Resilience Is Key: Manage Your Logistics and Supply Chain

We invite you to join the Copperberg Virtual Roundtable to discuss how to mitigate risk of parts delivery.

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Disrupted Supply Chains: How to mitigate risk of parts delivery – what can you demand from your logistics service provider?

With economic conditions becoming ever tighter, the aftermarket is increasingly important. Leading companies are keenly aware that aftermarket service is crucial to stand out from the competition. Many companies have faced the challenge of disrupted supply chains, the cost of an unbalanced inventory and warehousing – can the solution lie in outsourcing this to a trusted partner? Is it really a good fit for everyone? And, in that case for whom and when should this be considered a good fit?

By ensuring customer satisfaction companies are able to safeguard their own long term productivity. Flawless delivery and quick response very often make the difference in getting new customers and keeping old ones. And we move towards a more servitized economy in general, many are looking towards outsourcing their logistics function to the experts., and allow the organization to focus on its core business instead.

In this exclusive roundtable discussion we will discuss:

  • For what kind of scenarios is this a potential solution?
  • In what ways does this mitigate risk for the own organization?
  • How can expectations of parts delivery be increased?

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Thibaut Van den Berghe, Head of Business Line Aftermarket, Automotive and Industry,
Katoen Natie

Thibaut has been employed by Katoen Natie for more than 5 years. His background has always been in commercial positions. Started at Katoen Natie as Key Account Manager managing a portfolio of 4-5 strategic customers, on European level, representing an annual turnover of approximately 20 million euro. Before Katoen Natie Thibaut has been working in the textiles industry and waste management.

Lars Thorlaksen, Packaging Engineer, Warehouse Excellence, Nilfisk

Lars has a good solid background from The Royal Danish Air Force, with nearly 20 years of experience in electronics, quality, logistics and management as a specialty. His passion is logistics operations and optimization, and lean thinking is a natural part of his everyday life in all aspects.

With economic conditions becoming ever tighter, the aftermarket is increasingly important.

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