Virtual Roundtable

Virtual Roundtable

How Manufacturers Can Optimise their Business with a D2C Business Model

Join us for a live and interactive digital roundtable with Mirakl.

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Is Selling Direct to Consumer the answer? Join us to discuss how manufacturers should meet the increasing expectations of today’s customers.

Digital transformation has raised the bar for Industrial Manufacturers to future-proof customer experience. Many organizations have embarked on digital transformation journeys to optimize their performance and cater to the evolving demands of their modern buyer. Due to the pandemic we were forced to realize and appreciate the importance of digital maturity. Business-as-usual was put on a halt, limiting in-person interactions and affecting daily operations and processes.

As such, many have expedited their digital transformation initiatives, fast-tracking their digital adoption and experiencing a shift in mindset. Now, companies look at their solutions with a fresh perspective, accepting that traditional business processes are unreliable and considering new, innovative ways such as the marketplace model to ensure business continuity—not only in times of crisis but also in the new, digitally-driven reality shaped by the pandemic.

The value chain in B2B commerce has shifted and success will require B2B Manufacturers to get closer to their customers than ever before. Online sales are constantly increasing and the expectations of customers for eCommerce are rising, many have become convinced of the importance of digital integration for the future. A D2C model is certainly an option for manufacturing brands to consider – with its advantages and risks. However, what is important to remember is that success will come to those who make the necessary effort to nurture their consumers and offer them quality content and shopping experiences.

In this interactive virtual roundtable discussion our moderators will walk you through the most important aspects to consider by sharing learnings from customer cases such as Toyota Material Handling, Airbus Helicopters, Satair and ABB.

Join us to discuss the benefits, but also how to overcome potential risks, with moving into a D2C business model:

How to build direct customer relationships without channel conflict?

  • How to deliver a better customer experience with broader assortment competitive pricing and integrated seller performance management tools.
  • Transparent communication between sellers and customers where appropriate.

How to leverage data to inform portfolio planning and balance supply?

  • How to leverage customer purchasing data to inform future R&D and category expansion.
  • Expand supply sources to reduce out of stocks and manage substitutions.
  • Increase your average transaction value by offering a broader assortment.
  • Increase forecast accuracy & optimize demand balancing.

How to establish better visibility and alignment across distributor networks to reduce working capital?

  • Onboarding with self-service seller tools.
  • Efficiently manage marketplace operations with workflows designed for scale.
  • Streamlined order management.

02. About Mirakl

Mirakl offers the industry’s first and most advanced enterprise marketplace SaaS platform. 

With Mirakl, organizations across B2B and B2C industries can launch marketplaces faster, grow bigger, and operate with confidence as they exceed rising customer expectations. Platforms are the new competitive advantage in eCommerce, and the world’s most trusted brands choose Mirakl for its comprehensive solution of technology, expertise, and the Mirakl Connect ecosystem to unlock the power of the platform business model for them.


Angela Troccoli, Senior Director for Global B2B, Mirakl

Angela is an accomplished enterprise marketing executive with expertise in go-to-market strategy, product marketing, product management, marketing analytics, project management, sales enablement, supply chain operations, and business management across international markets.

Arjen Soetekouw, Strategic B2B Director, Mirakl

Arjen is an expert in digital transformation strategies for enterprises. Arjen has over 20 years experience in commercial and strategic management roles at IBM, iPLATO, Nokia and LinkedIn. Now at Mirakl, Arjen supports leading manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and producers to make the transition towards a marketplace platform such as Airbus Helicopters, Toyota Material Handling and ABB.



6 April 2022
at 15:30 CET


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1 hour



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Please bring your thoughts, ideas, and comments to what is set to be an extremely interesting and timely discussion.

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