Editor's note

What impact is the current trend of service transformation having on spare parts businesses, traditionally money makers for manufacturing companies? As companies focus more on outcomes, should they stop selling spare parts as standalones? And what opportunities can disruptive trends like artificial intelligence and additive manufacturing bring to spare parts management?

On a more operational level, how can manufacturers develop their parts & service network? Who is the real customer? And what impact is the growing trend of e-commerce having on relationships between OEMs and distributors/resellers?

The 4th Annual Spare Parts Summit will tackle all these issues as well as looking into how to optimize parts pricing, logistics, obsolescence management to delve into what kind of new business models manufacturers need to develop to stay on top of the curve.

Join us in April with 80+ of your peers for a full day of benchmarking, and knowledge sharing on how you can challenge your business models before disruptors challenge your market positions. I look forward to welcoming you online!



Lisa Hellqvist
Managing Director