Service US Series: Supercharging Revenue Generation Through the Field Service Team

Interactive Seminar with Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News by Copperberg


It has been one of the most prevalent questions amongst field service organizations for forever.

How can we leverage our field service teams, who not only are in front of customers more than anyone else, but who are also trusted advisors, to drive more revenue from the field?

More importantly, how do we do this without alienating both our customers and field service techs alike? How can we drive revenue from the field without breaking the trusted advisor status that makes it such a compelling prospect in the first place?

As Kris Oldland & Jim Baston explored in their joint FSN Masterclass some years ago, it is possible, but only if we adopt a service rather than a selling perspective.

Want to know more? Then join Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News for this hour-long interactive workshop where he will walk you through the first three modules of this hugely popular Masterclass as you workshop with your peers to help define how a service perspective is actually more aligned with generation than a sales perspective.

Additionally, all those who attend this session live will be given with a full month of FSN PRO access for FREE so you can take the full Masterclass course which is available on-demand and access over 600 hours of resources for field service management professionals.

Join our seminar and learn how we can leverage our field service teams to drive more revenue from the field.