01. Survey Report

The Definitive Guide to Digital Buyer Convenience in B2B

This Copperberg survey uncovers the emerging depth of digital buyer convenience in B2B, extending beyond simple awareness to purchase, creating an endless digital buying cycle, enhancing customer lifetime value and simplifying the ease of doing business at every step of the buyer journey.

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Dive into the latest in digital buyer convenience within manufacturing with us, and take your digital commerce to the next level.

Designed to explore the maturity of digital commerce in the manufacturing industry, this survey engaged industry digital experts on critical aspects of the digital buying experience, including strategy, operations, organization, technology adoption, and the role of AI in shaping buyer interactions. We’ve gathered valuable insights to guide organizations through the digital commerce landscape and offer recommendations to improve customer experience, efficiency, and growth in B2B digital commerce.


Advanced B2B e-commerce for the the AI-powered world.

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Copperberg is an expert original content creation company specialising in the manufacturing sector.

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Boost your business value and establish a seamless cycle of buying that keeps your customers engaged indefinitely.