01. Survey Report

The Voice of Digital Leaders in Manufacturing 2023

Welcome to the second issue of our annual report, The Voice of Digital Leaders in Manufacturing, from Copperberg and Valtech. Together, we asked forwardthinking leaders from across the world to share their insights into the current state of digital transformation in B2B, and to uncover how digital innovation is changing the future of the industry.

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Today, manufacturers and B2B organizations are focusing more and more on maximizing the ROI on existing digital investments.

Many are driven by the shift toward a composable/headless approach, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms and industrial servitization. They continue to adopt new technology and devise innovative business models to facilitate smoother cross-functional collaboration, increased organizational flexibility, operational efficiency, and superior customer experiences.

The results in this report—the recommendations and practical advice—will help you navigate this year’s challenges. It will empower you to make more informed decisions on your transformation journey as you bring your digital ambitions to life.


Valtech is the experience innovation company.

In a digitally accelerated world, where “the best” race toward “best practices,” we help brands break through and leap beyond the competition. At the intersection of crafts, categories and cultures, our global teams unlock value by leveraging the power of data, AI, creativity and technology to achieve true experience innovation. With a focus on delivering exceptional business results, we exist to unlock a better way to experience the world. For more information, visit the website.

Copperberg creates original content, on physical and digital platforms, bringing together the manufacturing community in order to grow and build relationships globally.

On a daily basis, we work hard to improve, develop and innovate our concepts and original content in order to ensure the best hands-on, real-life strategies for all our community members. Our ambition is to provide ideas, networking, and industry exchange between peers that inspires and leads to action. For more information, visit the website.

Manufacturers are now pivoting towards new business models that streamline innovation, resilience, product development, and time to market, with a growing focus on customer satisfaction.