01. Breakfast Seminar

Unlocking Service Excellence Through Data

We invite you to join the Copperberg Breakfast Seminar to discuss how asset data helps to fortify your service and supply chain processes to mitigate disruption, helping your business become more agile, productive, connected, and sustainable.

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Harnessing the power of asset data for a best-in-class service supply chain strategy.

Service and aftermarket organizations are being challenged in several directions. Not only that their supply chains continue to be impacted by global events creating uncertainty in their ability to deliver critical parts and spares to meet customer needs, as well as protective equipment to keep service engineers safe. But they also need to support multiple service models such as as self-service, remote support, depot repair, and onsite support, and at the same time enable better customer experiences, or even unlock service excellence.

Coen Jeukens who has collaborated with companies across all industries and around the world, defining and shaping their service vision, experienced that maintaining greener supply chains is an increasingly urgent task. Companies are increasingly looking at the circular economy, there is a greater appetite for the return of used parts and equipment for the purpose of repair, refurbishment, or reuse. This mindset has long-term implications for the entire supply chain and it makes it even more essential for service organizations to align with their supply chain teams in planning for and executing on customer and business needs.

In this Breakfast Seminar we discuss the following questions:

  • What challenges is Supply Chain facing and why is it time to accelerate their collaboration with Service Execution?
  • Which data can benefit the Supply Chain and the Service goals?
  • What role does service play for companies who are serious about their circular ambitions?

This event is aimed at decision-makers from the service, after-sales, and supply sectors in the manufacturing industry for mission-critical equipment.


Coen Jeukens, VP Global Customer Transformation, ServiceMax

Coen has experience in operations, (interim) management and strategy consulting for international and larger SMB corporations in high-tech, medtech, industrial equipment, utility and consumer electronics. He is an enthusiastic “builder” of teams and organisations driving (new) business, delivering answers to changing customer behaviour and disruption to legacy earnings models.

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Join ServiceMax and Copperberg for an interactive Breakfast Seminar, part of the Aftermarket Virtual Academy!