US Summit: Field Service

Copperberg hosted its first-ever US-centric Field Service event on 1st December, this event brought together Field Service leaders across the industrial sector.



Digitalisation today is all about technology.

All the buzzwords and advancement in technology related to mobile devices, IoT, AI, AR and VR is enticing to listen to but is technology all that matters?

Partially, yes, technology is the central pillar for digitalisation today especially in a covid-19 impacted business world, but the differentiators are the strategy that allows maximum utilisation of the technology, processes that help the employees become more efficient, and competencies that help the field workforce to provide a great customer experience.

Our latest research with service leaders shows that only 18% of industrial companies have a clear digital strategy. How, then, can companies develop a digital strategy for their field service activities? This is precisely what the 1st Field Service US Summit looked into.

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S — 01

Field Service Trends

Michael Ross, Director, Product Strategy, Baxter Planning

S — 02

Delivering Growth in the New Normal from “Year Zero” and Beyond – Post Covid-19

Steve Mason, COO, FieldAware

S — 03

Listen to Your Assets

Joe Kenny, VP, Global Customer Transformation, ServiceMax

S — 04

How Haemonetics Drives Service Transformation with AI

Deniz Mullis, Director of Global Services, Haemonetics


Michael Ross, Director of Product Strategy, Baxter Planning

For more than 20 years Michael has designed, developed, and supported off-the-shelf solutions for service parts planning that have been used at over 100 companies in a broad range of industries, including telecommunications, medical equipment, energy, aerospace, and more.

Steve Mason, COO, FieldAware

Steve comes with more than 20 years leadership experience working for leading business transformation software providers in the customer management space. As COO, Steve is responsible for ensuring operational systems are aligned and optimized to support the company achieving its operational objectives.

Joe Kenny, VP, Global Customer Transformation, ServiceMax

Focused on delivering high impact and long-term customer success, Joe has managed and delivered business support services to many Fortune 100 clients. His career spans over 30 years of leadership positions in Operations, Sales, Product Development, Product Marketing, and Field Service.

Deniz Mullis, Director of Global Services, Haemonetics

Deniz has worked in the biomed industry for the last 20+ years in engineering, software and management roles, most recently at Haemonetics Corporation as their Director of Global Services, overseeing Field Services, Product Support, Technical Training, and more.


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