The 2nd annual Spare Parts US Seminar – recording

Hosted: 29 September 2021

The Spare Parts US looked at what it means to run a spare parts business in the new normal.

Schedule at a glance

S — 01

Chairman Intro

Lisa Hellqvist, Managing Director, Copperberg

S — 02

Spare Parts in the New Normal

Stefano Image, Director After Sales and Spare Parts, Carraro Group

S — 03

Keynote: Digitizing the Service Parts Supply Chain

Andy Bailey, Chief Marketing Officer, OnProcess

S — 04

Keynote: Spare Parts Pricing in a Dynamic Environment

Alex Morbe, Sales Director, Markt-Pilot

S — 05

Keynote: Overcoming the aftermarket information challenge to provide improved customer experience

Mattias Löfstrand, CEO, Signifikant Svenska AB

Robin Falk, Strategic Manager – Business Support and Services, Väderstad

Ruud De Bruijckere, VP Product Management, Signifikant Svenska AB

S — 06

Panel Debate: What is the future of a sustainable and profitable Spare Parts Operations?

S — 07

Spare parts in the digital domain?

Tomi Kankainen, Chief Business Development Officer, DIMECC Oy

S — 08

Closing Remarks

Lisa Hellqvist, Managing Director, Copperberg