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Here you will find all featured sessions from the one day event, hosted on 3rd December 2020. Learn more on each session by clicking here. Enjoy!


S — 01

The Hidden Costs of Ineffective and Inefficient Pricing

Todd Pate, Solutions Consultant, Zilliant

S — 02

How Customer Experience (CX) and Digital Innovation Can Guide Pricing Strategy

Vincent Chan, Head of Product, Shell

S — 03

Selling and Pricing for the Value you Deliver

Todd Snelgrove, Global Value Expert


Todd Pate, Business Solutions Consultant, Zilliant

Todd Pate has been a pricing leader for the past 20 years in the technology and manufacturing industries. That includes director and VP pricing roles at Dell, Trane, Motorola Mobility, and DXC Technology. Todd is a frequent speaker, presenter, and author on achieving profitability improvements through the application of pricing process, science, and tools.

Vincent Chan, Head of Product, Shell Global Commercial

Vince is the Head of Product for Shell Global Commercial, Customer Operations, and manages a portfolio of digital products that support over 2,000 sales, marketing, and operations frontline staff. He has over 20-years of commercial experience and held various roles in treasury, strategy, and deal management at Royal Dutch Shell.


Todd Snelgrove, Global Value Expert

Todd Snelgrove is a former Global Vice President of Value with over 20 years’ experience being the team leader on understanding, presenting, calculating, pricing, and purchasing on Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) or Total Profit Added™ (TPA™) for SKF. Todd helps companies in the Business to Business Markets understand the value, quantify it, price, negotiate and sell based on best value, not lowest price.