MAY 19TH, 14:00 CET

There are several strategies to manage assets, and in the case of maintenance, it is clear no one strategy fits all. 

The optimum way to benefit from the EAM industry trends is to evaluate where the organizations are in their maintenance maturity journey. Based on this, the right actions can be determined as well as the efficient utilization of the assets and resources, all while maintaining proper cost controls.

This Copperberg webinar brings the following expert panel: 

  • Stevie Hay, Aptean Group Vice President for multiple industry specific EAM and manufacturing software solutions.
  • Johan Berglund, Production Engineer at Moelven ASA, one of Europe’s largest sawmill groups, and playing a leading role in the Moelven Digital Sawmill project.

The webinar will cover:

  • The journey from reactive to proactive maintenance workflows and how each organization can benefit from this transition.
  • Ways to improve asset transparency and to create digital maintenance processes.
  • How to select the right types of maintenance strategies, based on the data insights of the connected assets
  • How to operate more efficiently using IIoT, assessing and improving the reliability and performance of the assets

About Stevie
Stevie Hay is the Aptean Group Vice President, responsible for a suite of products including API PRO EAM, TabWare EAM, AXXOS OEE and Factory MES. 

Aptean is a global provider of mission-critical, industry-specific software solutions. Over 2,500 organizations in more than 20 industries across 54 countries trust Aptean’s solutions at their core to assist with running their operations.

Mr. Hay has worked with Aptean for over 20 years. Prior to working with his current solution suite, Mr. Hay worked with Aptean´s Axis ERP and Cimnet ERP product lines.

Mr. Hay holds Production & Mechanical Engineering qualifications from Napier University and started his career working for 10 years in electronics manufacturing.  Being a visionary within EAM and Manufacturing, he is a popular speaker at industry events and the author of insight articles. Mr. Hay is Scottish and, as such, a big fan of soccer, active both as a coach and as a player.

About Johan
Moelven Industrier ASA is one of Europe’s largest sawmill groups with 46 plants. The Timber Division is supplying sawn timber and industrial components made from local spruce and pine. Moelven Timber consists of 19 production companies and sales offices around the world.

Johan Berglund is working with the mission to analyze and improve the operational performance of the divisions’ Sawmills. He is also one of the leaders within the Moelven Digital Sawmill Project, aiming at leading the sawmill production technology into the future.  Over two years, the goals include increasing availability by 15%, increasing the level of utilization of timber by 10% and minimizing energy consumption by 10%.

Mr. Berglund holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Karlstad University and prior to Moelven, had roles within production engineering, quality control and PLM in Volvo Bus Corporation and Aker Solutions, among others.