01. White Paper

Drive Field Service Excellence through AI, Automation and Data

Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) have a large and growing role to play in the modern field service industry. Over the years, industry leaders who kept a persistent focus on driving field service excellence have put forward ambitious plans to harness advanced technology in ways that help frontline agents deliver quicker and more efficient resolutions to customer issues.

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Field service leaders powered by cutting-edge AI and automation think—and act—differently.

This white paper provides insight into:

  • What makes AI-augmented field customer service departments unique
  • What challenges field service professionals may be currently facing
  • How new technology assists organizations in responding to field service difficulties
  • Why a sound data strategy is key to field service excellence


HCL IntelliService is a customizable AI Service Optimization Platform that automates and optimizes product support operations.

Developed by the Industry Software Division of HCL Technologies, HCL IntelliService provides faster time to resolution for both service agents and on-site field technicians. With the intelligent triage capability leveraging AI, agents quickly gain actionable insights from various knowledge bases across enterprise systems. For more information, visit the website.

Investments in specialized technology set the scene for field service excellence.