01. White Paper

Finding Servitization Success Through Service Management Transformation

Servitization attracts the interest of more and more manufacturers. Often weighed down by the commoditization of products, which makes it harder to rise above rival companies, most manufacturers pivot from product to product-as-a-service models to shore up differentiation in the market.

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Intelligently transforming service management is essential to transition successfully from transactional to recurring revenue models and deliver on customer expectations smarter and more sustainably.

This white paper provides a clear roadmap toward service management excellence designed to help manufacturers:

  • Innovate service models to deliver superior as-aservice offerings for ramped up revenue growth;
  • Provide fast and precise service with low environmental impact;
  • Reimagine asset management for better performance and sustainability through technologydriven service innovations.


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Re-engineering operating models around servitization sets manufacturers on a path to profitability in today’s tough economy.