01. White Paper

How Do Intelligent Enterprises Like VINCI Energies Transform Their Service Business?

The need for field service organizations (FSOs) to become data-driven and customercentric has supercharged the industry’s shift toward predictive maintenance.

But making accurate forecasts about machinery and asset uptime requires the complete harmonization of data systems. So how can already understaffed FSOs enable their different systems to communicate and exchange information to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction while also making the lives of field technicians a little easier?

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Field service transformation is the key to continuously delivering customer experiences.

This white paper, produced together with SAP, will outline how VINCI Energies has reimagined its field service operations with a simple, intuitive, end-to-end service management solution that delivers service precision, lowers costs, and improves sustainability by predicting what work needs to be done, then mobilizing efficient service delivery.


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Service should no longer be seen as a costly afterthought or a painful necessity but rather as a differentiator and source of growth.