01. White Paper

How to Reduce the Field Service Talent Shortage with Visual Assistance and AI Technology

Automation, artificial intelligence (AI), visual assistance platforms, and generative AI are completely transforming how field service organizations (FSOs) do business, promising unprecedented efficiency improvements, cost reductions, and elevated customer experiences.

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After a period of significant disruption and inflation that has forced the industry to push forward and expedite transformation, this is a much-needed change.

However, beneath the surface, the recruitment crisis within the industry threatens the success of FSOs that have worked hard to transform their business. Despite there being early signs that warned against the crisis and the pandemic contributing to alarmingly high rates of layoffs and turnovers, FSOs are only now realizing just how challenging it has become to onboard new talent for technical roles.

Download our White Paper, done together with SightCall, to gain insight into how AI and Visual Assistance can be used to reduce the challenges of talent shortages within Field Service.


SightCall is recognized as the leading Visual Assistance Platform for enterprise service organizations.

SightCall digitally transforms field service and customer service capabilities with visual technology, combining advanced AR-enabled live video, multimodal generative AI, and digital process automation to empower human beings to solve complex service problems faster and create exceptional customer experiences. For more information, visit the website.

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Visual assistance tools are predicted to become indispensable in the field service sector in the near future.