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The Closed Loop Lifecycle: Breaking the Barriers of Traditional Aftermarket Service

In today’s competitive landscape, manufacturers are facing numerous challenges, from global competition to price deflation and rising commodity costs. To thrive in this environment, manufacturers are increasingly turning to alternative sources of revenue growth, with servitization emerging as a strategic priority.

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Servitization represents a shift towards offering value-added, outcome-based services, rather than solely focusing on product sales.

This transition requires a fundamental change in mindset and business approach, emphasizing the importance of service operations in driving value for customers and generating sustainable revenue streams.

Data is the most valuable asset when approaching a change like this. Having it as the backbone of your operation ensures everything runs smoothly going forward. That’s where closed-loop lifecycle management comes in.


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While the road to servitization isn’t always clear, Closed-Loop Lifecycle Management can clearly outline your company’s path.