Copperberg Service US: Moving to a Predictive Maintenance Model

The change journey of adopting the new whilst keeping the existing customer satisfied.


The online speed-dating peer-to-peer discussion is an opportunity for professionals in the manufacturing and service industries to come together and explore the evolving landscape of service business in light of recent market conditions and technological advancements.

Here’s an explanation of the key points covered in this discussion:

  • Adaptation in Manufacturing: The past few years and current market conditions have highlighted the need for manufacturers to be agile and adaptable. Factors like the pandemic and supply shortages have forced manufacturers to reevaluate their supply chains and business models, making flexibility a key factor in their success.
  • Evolution of Service Business: The service business has undergone significant transformation, perhaps more rapidly than any other business function. The pandemic underscored the importance of customer service, emphasizing the need to understand customers at every touchpoint, both physical and digital. The focus is on maximizing customer loyalty and value.
  • Innovation and New Business Models: Manufacturers are experiencing a surge in innovation, driven in part by recent challenges. This environment has created opportunities for new business models that cater to customer demands for flexibility and personalized service offerings. Manufacturers are looking to differentiate themselves in the market by modernizing supply chains and offering tailored experiences.
  • Market Developments: Market trends like digitalization, servitization, and predictive maintenance present a unique opportunity for manufacturers to revamp their business models. By leveraging these trends, they can modernize their supply chains and provide customers with more customized and individualized experiences, setting themselves apart from competitors.
  • Data as the Foundation: The discussion emphasizes that it all begins with data. Manufacturers must analyze, collect, and understand how to use data intelligently. Having the right data at the right time, available to the right people, is crucial. Data-driven decision-making is more important than ever in this evolving landscape.
  • Service US Academy’s Focus: The Service US Academy aims to cover four critical aspects of the service function.
  • Collective Effort: The discussion draws from past editions on Spare Parts, Pricing, and Field Service to emphasize that digital transformation in the service industry is a collective effort. Collaboration and sharing insights among professionals are crucial to navigate these changes successfully.

In summary, this peer-to-peer discussion explores the shifting landscape of manufacturing and service businesses, with a particular focus on data-driven strategies, adaptation to market trends, and the importance of customer-centric service models. It highlights the need for professionals to come together and share knowledge to drive successful digital transformation in the service industry.

Join us this year to explore the shifting landscape of manufacturing and service businesses.


It’s great fun, it will pass very very quickly and we hope the delegates will be able to engage in many fruitful discussions!

We’ll be showing the audience a series of very short videos with key discussion questions and between each video the attendees are automatically put into a 1:1 meeting with another professional attending the session and you discuss the questions before another video resumes. You don’t need to do anything. It will all happen automatically.

Join us for a great peer-to-peer discussion format!

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