01. Webinar with BE Group and Litium

E-Commerce for B2B — How Can Businesses Translate Personal Relations Into a Digital Experience?

As the B2B industry is looking toward the future, there is a need to change the way to approach online sales and expansion. Considering that 73% of B2B-purchases are done by millennials you have to be online to even exist in today’s market.

Influencing customers, both potential and existing, should be with an online-first-focus​​. A strong digital trend, that is fueled by customer demands, supercharged by the pandemic.

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It is clear that even though the concept of data driven organizations have been discussed for many years, now is the time when organizations fully embrace the value of customer data and apply it every step of the way in the decision-making process.

How to map your customers’ buying journey to facilitate a more seamless experience? For both you and your customers. This is where e-commerce comes into place.

In this exclusive 60 minute webinar we will hear from BE Group – a trading and service company, offering a broad range of steel, stainless steel and aluminum products with the customers mainly operating in the manufacturing and construction industries in Sweden, Finland and the Baltics.

We will hear how BE group did their transformation (using Litium’s platform) to provide traditional products like steel online and how that has brought value to the ecosystem of customers and retailers as well to increasing efficiency of the internal sales operations.

And we will discuss together with Litium how they see the future trends of the industry and what are the true challenges of their customer network undergoing the same transformation journey. What are the aspects to really take into consideration and the items to check on your list when you get started?


Seyamak Arkannia, Director Strategic Partnerships – Global & Enterprise, Litium

Seyamak Arkannia, Sia, has extensive experience in digital commerce and business development. His work has primarily been with large scale digitalization projects and implementation of commerce solutions for B2B and B2C companies. He combines his knowledge to analyze and understand the entire business flow from ERP to the customer experience. Working with large international organizations Sia have helped them navigate the process of digitalizing their business both from an external perspective but also internally across subsidiaries and stakeholders in different parts of the world.

Lukas Baranauskis, Online Sales & Marketing Specialist, BE group

Lukas Baranauskis is currently working as Online Sales & Marketing Specialist at BE Group. With a background of several B2B and B2C digitalization projects he has been able to gather experience and knowledge in different areas. Mainly focuses today are prioritizing conversion rate optimization, structuring PIM, online marketing, and driving forward the knowledge of BE Group’s E-Com solution within companies. Always thinking about the end-customer and assisting them to make their E-com journey as smooth as possible.

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