01. Case Study

Why Implementation & Technology Are Essential For Effective DMS Development & Deployment

As any service leader will attest, effective aftermarket management is a highly complex operation with many moving parts to balance daily. Whether from a spare parts, warranty, or field service perspective, there’s a constant dynamic flow to operations that requires the service leaders and their teams to be consistently ahead of the challenge.

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There is even greater complexity for organizations whose network is dealer-based, as is often the case in sectors such as agriculture.

However, modern solutions such as those provided by HCLSoftware can alleviate much of the mundane processes that cause friction across the entire service supply chain. This allows service organizations to focus on the essential aspects of business — delighting customers and growing profit margins.

In this exclusive case study, we bring you the key observations from Kris Oldland, Editor-in-Chief, Field Service News, after he spent time with Rudresh Basavarajappa, Vice President of Aftermarket Platform, with HCLSoftware where he explained how he and his team are helping their customers in the agriculture sector, drive greater customer experience and improve profit margins, by taking an approach that goes far beyond mere software solutions and bringing genuine industry leadership into the mix as well. Download it today!


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In this case study, we present the strategic deployment of HCLSoftware’s Dealer Management System (DMS) within an agricultural machinery client’s dealer network.