We conducted a mass report within the Field Service sector and the result are extremely insightful. The survey had over 125 Field Service Directors respond from leading manufacturing organisations. We then got 9 experts from the Field Service sector to give analysis based on the findings; this led to our Annual Survey Report!

Digital is the hot topic this year and industry experts believe creating an open ecosystem together with partners, suppliers and customers for a step by step collaboration is the required solution.

Service Directors also believe that technology such as Visual Assistance, Video Calling, VR and AR will help bridge the gap between the skill-sets of the experienced and new field service workforce. Jim Baston, President of BBA Consulting Group Inc. comments about Field Service Engineers: ‘‘As they rely more on their tools to troubleshoot and repair and less on their experience, it opens up the door for less qualified individuals who will be able to give comparable levels of technical service.’’

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