01. Virtual roundtable

How to Manage the Service Lifecycle in Today’s Aftermarket


Join us for an intimate and highly interactive boardroom-style virtual discussion on the crucial role of Service Lifecycle Management within the manufacturing sector. This exclusive event is designed to facilitate a deep dive into the strategies that enable a successful transition to service-centric business models.



The urgency for adopting service-driven strategies has never been greater.

With the rise of digital transformation and changing customer expectations, manufacturers must adapt swiftly to remain relevant and thrive. Integrating Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) into business models ensures a sustainable path forward, optimizing customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

  • Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) as a Strategic Objective — Understanding the full spectrum of SLM from customer needs analysis to service delivery and management.
  • Integration of SLM into ALM and PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) — Exploration of this integration as the backbone of servitization, enabling seamless integration of asset and product lifecycle management.
  • Technological Enablers and Innovations — The role of IoT, AI, and other digital technologies in enhancing the effectiveness of your service strategy.
  • Overcoming Barriers to Servitization — Addressing the challenges and organizational changes required to shift towards a service-oriented model.

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03. Speakers

Mark Brewer
Vice President of Service Industries, IFS

Lisa Hellqvist
Managing Director, Copperberg

Explore practical solutions and innovative strategies to enhance your business model through servitization.

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