The Future of the Aftermarket Organization

The pandemic has changed customer behavior and therefore forcing businesses to adapt their business models for profitability. For the manufacturing companies with aftermarket organizations, an opportunity to shift strategy and exceed customer expectations will be in the near and long-term a fruitful outcome.

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Will the aftermarket become “the market”?

The aftermarket organization has not reached its potential as a strategic business or making the impact it can on the bottom-line. Today, it is moving to the forefront of the business in becoming the profit centre it should be. A 1% pricing improvement can increase profit up to 19% and with 60-80% parts (Deloitte) not priced adequately the potential is considerable.


Other than customer behavior, existing trends have heightened in influence such as e-commerce, IoT, and in general digitization of channels. With so much uncertainty earlier this year, we now know the effects the pandemic has made in the market and which direction aftermarket organizations should be heading. Will the aftermarket become “the market”?


Join Kalle Aerikkala, Senior Business Consultant at Vendavo to give you insight and discuss:

  • A historical journey of the aftermarket organization
  • Factors influencing the change – is the perception of ownership changing?
  • What will not change the aftermarket business
  • Business model elements to consider for innovation
  • A comparison of typical aftermarket organizations vs those already advancing


Kalle Aerikkala

Senior Business Consultant


Kalle Aerikkala has worked within the pricing and product management profession for the last 13+ years, starting with Finnish technology companies supporting service and spare part pricing globally. Currently, Kalle works with Vendavo as a Senior Consultant helping a broad range of customers to achieve better results through improved pricing. Even after 13 years every day you learn something new and the world of pricing is incredibly interesting as it touches on basically every function within a company.

Thomas Igou

Head of Content


Thomas has been at Copperberg for over a decade, and currently heads the content department as well as sits on the management team. He regularly speaks at events, hosts webinars, and has contributed to many reports and white papers.