Breakfast seminar: How to Leverage Real-Time Visibility into Assets to Make Decisions Proactively and Maintain Customer Excellence

Hosted: 12 October 2021

Cost-to-Serve and Contract Profitability are a powerful analytic, a game-changer for manufacturing companies. That data and those insights furthers more cohesive, holistic decision making and will help business to knock down silos.


S — 01

Welcome by Copperberg

Lisa Hellqvist, Copperberg

S — 02

Crucial metrics for manufacturers: Cost to serve and contract profitability

Coen Jeukens, ServiceMax

S — 03

How analytics is helping a medical device manufacturer to track the impact of service operations on its business

Coen Jeukens, ServiceMax

S — 04

Round table discussions

Coen Jeukens, Lisa Hellqvist

S — 05

Analyzing the data of your asset and gaining insights with Asset 360

Katharina Streater, ServiceMax

S — 06

Conclusion and Q&A

Lisa Hellqvist, Copperberg