Digital is not only about technology. In fact, it’s mostly not; it’s first and foremost about people. 

Does your organization have the right skill-sets internally to thrive in the digital age? A recent Copperberg webinar presented by Julia Möller, a 5-star certified speaker and 2nd highest rated speaker at the Aftermarket Business Platform, covered not only the characteristics of people needed on both ends (in the office and technicians) but also the technical set-up needed to make your workforce digital ready.

Author Iva Danilovic | Copperberg

Julia Möller is a well-known Copperberg speaker. She has experience working as a Senior Technical Service Engineer for a Schlumberger company, and later as a Head of After Market for ARVOS, in Kassell, where she established the service line in the newly developed department. 

Mrs. Möller now owns a consulting company called Tigris Consulting, specialized in organisational management of field service personnel. 

Having worked across the industry, she explains how new technologies can be successfully introduced to a diverse group of field service engineers: "Digital is as much about people as it is about technology. When a company wants to introduce new technologies and change the way that their employees do their jobs, it is important to explain why that is important, and why the change - it is important to highlight the benefits of digitalization”.

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