Recently Copperberg hosted a webinar presented by Michael J. Frank, the CEO at Uniper, an energy company with 100 years of experience behind it. Mr. Frank has gained extensive knowledge working first as an engineer and then as a top manager of a large-scale coal-fired power station. In the webinar, he analyzed the latest research findings on digitalization and combined them with his insights in the field. The result is an extraordinary analysis that covers the digital transformation in a nutshell, with a special emphasis on the human factor and other challenges on the way.

Author Iva Danilovic | Copperberg

Uniper, a global energy company based in Dusseldorf, Germany, generates, trades, and markets energy on a large scale. The company procures, stores, transports, and supplies commodities such as natural gas, LNG, and coal as well as other energy-related products. Following the spin-off from E.ON, Uniper has become a rather young company on the stock market, but its business story started more than a hundred years ago. During the time, the company went through many challenges of reorganization and digitalization that helped them to establish a modern company with an extensive commodity trading business in today’s energy environment.

Michael J. Frank, CEO of the Anlagenservice GmbH, describes the company’s diverse scope of work: „We are active across and along the whole value chain of energy generation and trading - We operate assets across all technologies from gas-fired, wind, coal-fired plants. We do energy storage, operate pipelines, liquidation, regasification, and nuclear plants in Sweden, and we are one of the operators of hydroelectric power plants in Sweden and Germany. “

Working in an industry that has one of the slowest digital transformation records, Uniper is a company that sets a positive example. With its business processes being about 85% digitally transformed, Uniper has not only gone a long way but has also developed its own software for asset management, which is now being used in other companies as well. The company’s own Enerlythics IIoT Platform is described as the “vital stepping stone to agile power asset management and maintenance”. The CEO explains that there are a lot of challenges that have to be identified and appropriately addressed in order for a company to fit the market needs.

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