The Industrial Internet of Things is enabling service and maintenance organizations to cut costs, deliver better customer experience, and much more. The improvements in technology are now allowing innovative companies to utilize connectivity to build new revenue streams and even new businesses. 

Author Iva Danilovic | Copperberg

The sort of economic drivers and benefits that companies are looking to realize where the key point of reference for the IIoT webinar recently hosted by Copperberg. The presenter was Graham Cox, a digital transformation manager at PTC, who explained how the advanced industrial automation applications can drive service efficiencies and create other business values. 


Graham Cox works for PTC, a company that is a global leader in providing digital transformation solutions. He is part of the team based in Europe that works directly with a large number of customers and partners on the delivery and realization of value from the IoT and AR technologies.  

Mr. Cox finds an answer to why more and more companies and organizations are looking to adopt these capabilities and looking to realize value from, on a macroeconomic level. To understand how to better optimize future profits, companies can dig into the major analyses conducted inside the industry.

For start, companies can get a high-level overview of the most important trends by taking a closer view of the Stock Exchange. The Standard & Poor's data based on the US Dow Jones index of top companies listed shows that the lifespan of companies on that index has reduced significantly from approximately 60 years which was the average lifespan time back in the ‘50, to the present day.

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