Cristina Pena Andres, Group Parts Manager at Alimark Service had the pleasure to sit down with our Service Mastery Day host at Spare Parts Business Platform, Christer Holloman, the CEO and founder of Divido!

Author Cristina Pena Andreas | Alimark Service

Much of companies today´s success comes from efficient connectivity, great global ideas and an analytic & smart data usage in real time. Technology is affordable to leverage opportunities in most of sectors, however just these companies feeling the sense of urgency will make it happen before competitors.

Today, I have the pleasure to interview Christer Holloman, a business professional that sees clearly how to monetise these opportunities and to set up a plan to take the actions for reaching specific targets.

5G seems to be the beginning of a great revolution. Many trends in disruptive technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence or A/V reality are opening paths for those that would like to explore them.  However, data will never be read in same way from different eyes; this is why, it is each´s expertise and common sense what will allow us to read figures obtaining the right information behind numbers. Analytics, Monitoring, Conclusions extracts, etc, all comes from understanding how “Algorithms” were built, and how our mindsets should be settled to get synergies, key data, precise conclusions and a clearly defined way to move forward.

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