Dr. Nikolaus Obwegeser recently talked at a Copperberg webinar called “Digital Value Creation”. These days when everybody talks about the changes in the global economy and (forced) digital transformation, we went back to re-listen to some of the most important lessons on digital disruption from the webinar.

Author Iva Danilovic | Copperberg

Dr. Obwegeser works at the IMD Cisco global center for digital business transformation. The center is located in Lausanne, Switzerland, and it functions with an aim to provide world-leading research and analysis and prepare executives to take advantage of digital opportunities and manage digital threats. 

Although this is a complex task there are a lot of companies that don’t really understand what digital transformation is. Some companies ask if updating their ERP system could be considered as a digital transformation or would it really require a substantial change to the organization. On the other hand, some companies are “jumping from one experiment to another, starting different initiatives from blockchain, AI, machine learning, IoT and following other digital trends without a clear plan”, explains Dr. Obwegeser.

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