This week we spoke with Gianfranco Piroli, Director of Aftermarket Services at MSA Safety about the challenge of field workforce safety that he has to address in his leadership role. Gianfranco talks about ensuring the safety of their own employees, reducing accidents for field service staff for their customers as well as the challenges of sourcing the right talent at the right time.

Author Muge Hizal Dogaroglu | Copperberg

According to Field Service News, for service organisations there are two key areas of duty of care: one is lone worker protection; the other is risk management of inappropriate of employee behaviour.

Managers can assure that the field service workforce has the right tools and protection to ensure no accidents or injuries during the carrying out of their duties but a major challenge is also to ensure that employees follow the right protocols and regulations to assure their own safety. Field Workforce safety is less about enforcing the regulations and procedures on the workforce, and more about making sure that the field service workers understand the grave consequences of mishandling tools and machineries or even trying to optimise procedures on the job rather than a test-lab.

“Safety is the foundation of every business.”

Stay tuned to learn how Gianfranco tackles field workforce safety, the challenges of digitalisation and finding the right talent…

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