The way field service organisations are not only managing but also building their field workforces today is in the midst of a rapid revolution. There are of course major shifts behind this cross-industry transformation that we are seeing in the very make-up of the field workforce. Some of these changes are technology led, others are being driven by sweeping societal shifts that impact more fundamentally the role employment plays in the always connected, always on-demand society that has emerged in the early decades of the Twenty First Century.

Author Kris Oldland | Field Service News

The gig-economy has blossomed, service-centric strategy has become the norm and the experience economy has risen to replace the cold transactional world of the past. Each of these shifts have been driven in tandem by the passing of the baton from ‘boomers to millennials and the current fourth paradigm of industrial innovation. The zeitgeist has firmly shifted, and we are truly now living in the age of information. 

But what does this all mean for field service organisations, well in fact it means we are set for seismic change.

A new dichotomy of excellence and efficiency...

Levels of customer expectation have reached an all-time high to the extent where good is no longer enough, service is so integral to the wider whole that it needs to be excellent, always. Yet, at the same time, organizations continue to demand their field service operations do more with less. We are in an age of automation after all? Obviously, this is an untenable position for any company to hold for too long. 

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