The undiscovered talent pool - As we celebrate International Women’s Day it is time to give more deserved attention to the specific topic of women in the industrial sector and the way they are climbing the latter of a mostly male-dominated field. There are many reasons to discover more about these trailblazers.

Author Iva Danilovic | Copperberg

Throughout history, women were mostly discouraged or forbidden to enter the industry. As successful female STEM scientists and inventors have shown us, this has been a hugely underrated potential that waited to be discovered.

Researchers have revealed that gender diversity benefits a manufacturing organization through improved ability to innovate, a higher return on equity, and increased profitability [1]. Still, a large majority of manufacturing organizations have less than 10% of women in managerial roles in their workforce, a recent Copperberg report shows.

This is the reason why we asked the women in manufacturing to share their insights: What do they think, why are there so few women in managerial positions in the industrial sector? This is what we’ve heard from them:

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