The last article in the series The Voice of Women in Service, published on the occasion of International Women’s Day seeks to find some answers to the questions that were left open in the previous stories. This is also an appropriate time to learn more about the specific topic of women in service and the way they are climbing the ladder of a mostly male-dominated field.

Author Iva Danilovic | Copperberg

So far the process of keeping the balance between work and family was an exhausting challenge especially for the female managers who were traditionally more engaged at the labor at home. On top of that, working in the field service has been historically less appealing to women, and female managers in service had to be one step ahead to prove herself.

Yet, it is Industry 4.0 that could direct companies to find a way to narrow the industry gender gap. By attracting more female talents to join the field service jobs, the corporations can find new rising stars and attract a skilled workforce that could help them to become more competitive on the market. This is why we wanted to know more about the experiences of the women in service - Has their organization taken any specific initiatives to foster gender equality so far? 

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