Choosing a Career in Manufacturing. As we celebrate International Women’s Day it is time to give more deserved attention to the specific topic of women in the industrial sector and the way they have been climbing the ladder of a mostly male-dominated field. 

Author Iva Danilovic | Copperberg

Historically speaking, the position of women in the manufacturing industry had its hard moments. During the sixteenth century, women were expelled from guilds and workshops. The Protoindustrialisation in the seventeenth century strengthened the tendency to displace women into the most marginal productive sectors.

Shifting towards the Modern Age, women’s employment conditions, unfortunately, got even worse, as the textile industry in Europe at the time had been concentrating the female workforce in the secondary sector, fueling its expansion through the low wages that were paid to women. [1]

Today the situation is different, and the scope of jobs in the manufacturing industry is very broad, while many multinational corporations spread across the globe and offer jobs to both men and women. These companies create and offer some of the best jobs with the most popular employee benefits, but fight problems such as an aging workforce. Nevertheless, field service has stayed a more popular option for male candidates but this gender gap might narrow.

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